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Anti-Mullerian Hormone: Let’s discuss the range in males and females and can naturally increase the anti-mullerian hormone level

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What is the AMH hormone?

AMH- or anti-mullerian hormone is produced by ovarian follicles, this hormone plays a crucial hormone in the development of sex organs in the embryonal stage it is present in both males and females and male foetus have higher levels of this hormone than female foetus to inhibit the development of female sex organs. Apart from this it also plays an important role in puberty to regulate the production of eggs by females by a female ovary, Thus the level of AMH helps in determining the fertility probability in Females.


Normal Range of AMH at different ages.

The level of AMH remains constant during the early years and starts increasing as the female attains Puberty and its level If a female ant to conceive the optimum level of AMH should be 1.5ng/mL -4.0 ng/mL here is the table given below shows different levels of AMH


S.No AMH levels Interface
1. < 0.5 ng/mL Very low
2. 0.5-1.0 ng/mL Low
3. 1.0-1.5 ng/mL Low-normal range
4. 1.5-4.0 ng/mL Normal range
5. > 4.0 ng/mL High (Indicate PCOS)


AMH levels at different age groups

S.No Age Average AMH Levels
1. < 30  2.90
2. 30-34  2.41
3. 35-37  2.03
4 38-40  1.51
5 41-42 0.92
6. <42 0.58


How to Naturally Increase the AMH Level?


By adopting some good habits you can naturally increase your AMH these modifications are:


  • Maintain a healthy Body weight and eat a well-balanced diet.


  • Take a vitamin D-rich diet.


  • Avoid smoking & Drinking and other tobacco products.


  • Avoid stress and anxiety


  • Take quality sleep and improve your lifestyle


Parameters to Choose the Best Lab for the AMH Test

To choose the best diagnostic centre one must have to see the following parameters before going for a test.

  • Reputation must see the reputation as well as the experience by checking the Google reviews and verifying with people who have been tested from that centre.
  • Experienced staff the staff experience and how well they can handle their patient under pressure and assist them under different challenging conditions
  • Availability and response- You can check the staff availability as well as the response time so that a patient gets tested and diagnosed for any disease early.

How Can You Choose the Best Pathology Lab for the AMH Test

The best pathology lab should provide the facility for blood sample collection so AMH tests can be done anywhere, AMH tests are essential as they help in determining various health-related issues that arise due to abnormal AMH levels Ganesh Diagnostic the best pathology lab quickly collects and tests the sample with 100% accuracy for diagnosis and helps the patient to get the best treatment for their speedy recovery


AMH test helps millions of patients get tested for condition conditions that require immediate diagnosis and helps in providing the best and right treatment to the patient to choose the best diagnostic centre as per your need and comfort that provides better facility and services to the patient.

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