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How Many Players Can Join a Kahoot!? Understanding the Limits and Option

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Kahoot! has revolutionized interactive learning and engagement, but if you’re planning a game, you might wonder how many participants can join the fun. The answer isn’t straightforward, as it varies based on your Kahoot! plan and the type of game you’re hosting. Let’s break it down:

Free Kahoot! Plans

Basic (Personal): This plan allows up to 10 players to join your Kahoot! Game visit the website kahoot join. It’s suitable for small groups or individual study sessions.

Kahoot!+ Study (Students): Designed for students, this plan allows up to 50 players in a live game.

Kahoot!+ Premier for work (Business): This plan allows up to 50 participants in a live Kahoot! session.

Player Boosts and Exceptions

Monthly Boost: For personal users, Kahoot! offers a one-time monthly boost that allows you to host a game with up to 100 players for one day.

Special Events: Kahoot! may offer higher player limits for special events or promotions.

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Paid Kahoot! Plans

Kahoot! offers various paid plans with higher player limits to cater to larger groups and organizations. Some options include:

Kahoot!+ Max (Students): This plan allows up to 2,000 players in a live Kahoot! session.

Kahoot! 360 Pro (Business): Offers a range of features, including live games with up to 2,000 participants.

Kahoot! 360 Pro for schools (Education): Specifically designed for schools, this plan allows up to 2,000 players in a live Kahoot! session.

Factors to Consider

When deciding on a Kahoot! plan, consider the following:

Group Size: How many people will typically participate in your Kahoot! games?

Frequency: How often do you plan to host Kahoot! sessions?

Features: Do you need additional features beyond basic live games, such as reporting, advanced question types, or integration with other tools?

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Tips for Large Groups

If you have a large group and a limited plan, here are some options:

Multiple Sessions: Divide your group into smaller sessions and run the same Kahoot! multiple times.

Hybrid Events: Combine in-person and virtual participants for a larger reach.

Beyond Live Games: Kahoot! Assignments

Kahoot! also offers assignments (asynchronous challenges) where students can play at their own pace. The player limits for assignments are the same as for live games.

In Conclusion

Kahoot! is a versatile platform that can accommodate various group sizes. Understanding the player limits for different plans will help you choose the right option to maximize engagement and learning for your audience.  Whether it’s a small study group or a large-scale event, Kahoot! has a solution to fit your needs.


Q: How many players can join a free Kahoot! game?

A: It depends on your free plan:

Basic (Personal): Up to 10 players.

Kahoot!+ Study (Students): Up to 50 players.

Kahoot!+ Premier for work (Business): Up to 50 players.

Q: Can I have more than 10 players on a free personal Kahoot! account?

A: Yes, Kahoot! offers a one-time monthly boost that lets you host a game with up to 100 players for one day.

Q: What are the player limits for paid Kahoot! plans?

A: Paid plans offer significantly higher limits:

Kahoot!+ Max (Students): Up to 2,000 players.

Kahoot! 360 Pro (Business): Up to 2,000 players.

Kahoot! 360 Pro for schools (Education): Up to 2,000 players.

Q: Are the player limits the same for live games and Kahoot! assignments?

A: Yes, the player limits apply to both live Kahoot! sessions and assigned challenges.

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