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Employee Provident Fund is a crucial aspect of financial planning, and it also provides safety to those having their retirement. It is important for an individual to have an understanding of his/her PF balance so that financial security can be managed. Nowadays, checking your PF balance has become more accessible and user-friendly. There are some simple steps which you need to follow for the PF balance check so that you can control your financial status.

  1. Activate your UAN: The important step that you need to follow while checking your PF balance is activating your UAN (Universal Account Number). It is a unique 12-digit number assigned to every individual to link the PF accounts to the same number. To activate your UAN, you have to go to the UAN portal and register yourself. Once you have registered you can easily login in to the portal.
  2. Login to the UAN portal: After the activation of your UAN, you can login to the portal using the password and captcha code provided. This platform contains all your PF related activities, including the information about PF balance.
  3. Member passbook section: After logging in, navigate to the member passbook section on the UAN portal. It contains a detailed history about your account, including contributionsmade by you and the employer.
  4. PF balance check: If you want to view your PF balance, you have to go to the member passbook section and then enter the PF account number. After that, the balance will be displayed including all your transactions. In order to stay updated about your transactions, you should check your passbook regularly.

Many of the balance fund organizations also provide mobile apps to facilitate easy PF balance checks. You can download them from the respective organizations and then login using your UAN and password, and check your PF balance on the go. This option is more suitable for those having smartphones.

Another way to check your PF balance is through the SMS services provided by the official organizations. You just have to send the SMS in the specified format to the designated number and then you receive the PF balance details on your device. But before doing this, you have to check whether this service is provided by your EPF organization.


In conclusion to this, you should always be informed about all your transactions for effective financial planning. The digital platforms like 5paisa are user-friendly that can help you with the management of your account and all the transactions. It has made PF balance check easier to navigate and access.

By following these steps given in the article, you will be able to get all your PF balance records including transactions between you and the employer by using your UAN number. It is a safe platform where you can login in using your information and then can access all the important details about your PF balance. 5paisa also helps you to manage the transaction history and provides you with all the important services to optimize your account.

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