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Ultrasound: The Helping Hand During Pregnancy

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Ultrasound scan is a diagnostic modality that utilizes sound waves to produce the scan images of the internal structures of your body. The ultrasound scan does not use any ionising radiation, unlike other imaging modalities including X-ray, PET-CT scan, CT scan, etc. 

The ultrasound scan is the most used scan for the evaluation and monitoring during pregnancy. Ultrasound scan is often carried out several times during the course of pregnancy during various trimesters. 

Because the scan does not use any radiation, it is considered as the safest diagnostic approach to be conducted during pregnancy.  Other scans that involve radiation are often harmful to the developing baby. The radiations have the potential to cause chromosomal abnormalities in the growing foetus. The best diagnostic centre will offer an accurate diagnosis and report delivery.

How Does an Ultrasound Scan Help During Pregnancy?

Some of the uses of an ultrasound scan during the pregnancy are given below

  • First of all, the ultrasound scan helps in confirmation of the establishment of pregnancy.
  • The scan can be performed to evaluate the presence of any abnormal pregnancy including ectopic pregnancy (when the foetus gets implanted elsewhere than the uterus).
  • It helps in determining the amniotic fluid presence.
  • It helps in determining the growth and development of the baby.
  • It can help establish a primary diagnosis pertaining to the growth and development anomaly in the growing foetus.
  • It can help determine problems relating to other organs in the abdominal region.

How Should I Prepare For an Ultrasound During Pregnancy?

There are no specific preparations to be made before getting a pregnancy ultrasound scan, expect for those recommended by your doctor. You should try to wear loose fitted clothes to enhance your comfort during the test and otherwise. 

How is Ultrasound Scan Done?

  • The area to be examined is exposed off of the clothes.
  • A special ultrasound gel is placed on your lower abdominal region.
  • A special wand known as the transducer wand is held and kept over the gel placed area.
  • The wand is run over your belly to record the scan images.
  • The scan monitor displays real time images of the internals of your body.
  • Once the necessary images are clicked, the ultrasound gel is wiped off.
  • You are then free to conduct your chores.

Are There Any Side Effects Due to Ultrasound Scan?

No, the ultrasund scan does not operate on any ionising radiation that can have potentially damaging potential to your baby. The ultrasound scan center near you uses sound waves to collect the scan images. There by rending it a safe scan to be conducted during pregnancy.

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