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Unveiling the Cost: 15-Day Umrah Packages from India

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Embarking on a spiritual journey to Mecca and Medina for Umrah is a deeply personal experience for Muslims in India. But before you take flight, it’s crucial to understand the cost involved. 15-day Umrah packages offer a comfortable timeframe to perform Umrah rituals, visit holy sites, and reflect in the sacred cities. Let’s delve into the factors that influence the price and provide a general cost range for these packages.

Factors Affecting Umrah Package Costs:

Accommodation: This forms a significant portion of the package. Options range from budget-friendly shared rooms in basic hotels to luxurious stays near the Haram. The closer your accommodation is to the Grand Mosque, the costlier it will be.

Travel: Flight tickets are another major expense. Prices fluctuate depending on the airline, departure city, travel season, and booking time. Direct flights tend to be more expensive than connecting ones.

Transportation: Within Saudi Arabia, your mode of transportation between Mecca and Medina affects the cost. Buses are the most economical option, while private vans offer greater comfort at a higher price.

Visa: Umrah visa fees are relatively standard, but processing charges may vary depending on the travel agency.

Food: Some packages include meals, while others don’t. Explore options that suit your budget. Budget-friendly packages may not include meals, while premium ones might offer full-board options.

Ziarat (Visitation): Many packages include guided tours to historical and religious sites beyond Mecca and Medina. These add-ons can increase the cost.

Cost Range for 15-Day Umrah Packages:

Given the variable factors, it’s difficult to pinpoint an exact cost. However, a typical 15-day Umrah packages from Delhi in India can range from ₹75,000 to ₹200,000 per person (approximately $900 to $2400). Here’s a breakdown based on budget categories:

Budget Package (₹75,000 – ₹100,000):  This offers basic shared accommodation in modest hotels, economy flights (with possible connections), and shared transportation within Saudi Arabia. Meals might be excluded.

Mid-Range Package (₹100,000 – ₹150,000):  This provides slightly better accommodation (potentially private rooms in standard hotels), more comfortable flight options, and possibly some meals included.

Luxury Package (₹150,000 and above):  This category caters to those seeking a premium experience. Expect luxurious hotel stays near the Haram, premium airline seats, private transportation, and potentially all meals included visit the website Hajj packages. 

Finding the Right Umrah Package:

Define your priorities: Consider what aspects are most important to you – budget, comfort level, flight options, and meals.

Compare packages: Research and compare offerings from reputed travel agencies specializing in Umrah travel.

Read reviews: Look for reviews from past travelers to get an idea of the agency’s service quality.

Ask questions: Don’t hesitate to clarify any doubts you have about inclusions, exclusions, and hidden costs.

Additional Considerations:

Umrah Season: Prices tend to be higher during peak seasons like Ramadan and Hajj visiting Ramadan Umrah packages. Consider traveling during the off-season for better deals.

Travel Insurance: While not mandatory, Umrah travel insurance offers peace of mind in case of unforeseen circumstances.


By carefully considering these factors and comparing packages, you can find a 15-day Umrah experience from India that fulfills your spiritual needs and aligns with your budget. Remember, embarking on Umrah is a blessed journey. May your preparations be smooth and your pilgrimage be fulfilling.

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