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Mistakes to Avoid While Grilling a Steak

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The steak is cooked to perfection when it is tender on the inside and seared on the outside. It is challenging for beginners to get it right, and sticking to the required temperature can become quite intimidating. Studies have proven that grilling steak comes with many mistakes, and each mistake can make a person better the next time.

Steak completes any meal cooked for many occasions, such as family gatherings, a simple dinner with housemates, parties or dinners with large gatherings, etc. If it is a backyard party, then adding BBQ dishes to it is mandatory. Many companies have come up with grilling units that can make BBQs effortless and provide the best cooking experience for chefs.

Kamado Joe Classic Series

Out of many units available for BBQ parties, Kamado Joe grills have become an essential element. Inspired by the ancient Japanese cookers, the Kamado Joe grills came into existence, and these are very beautiful and versatile. You can find many collections in the Kamado Joe Classic 1 series.

The best part of owning a product from Kamado Joe collections is that they are ideal for all kinds of cooking, grilling, smoking, or baking. The unit is easy to handle and does not require any expertise to operate it. Just follow the instructions in the manual, and you will be good to go.

Masterbuilt Series

Masterbuilt is one of the most popular names on the list of grills and barbeque unit manufacturers. They are renowned for introducing many products that have made quite a name in the world of grill and roast lovers. Every unit is loaded with multiple options, such as baking, roasting, grilling, and searing, and can become an ideal addition to all kinds of outdoor BBQ parties.

The in-built cooking mechanism of Masterbuilt 1050 makes it easier for you to serve delicious meals to your family anytime. When heated with either charcoal or gas, the unit reaches the required temperature, and this heat circulates throughout the grill. You can use the unit for 8 hours a day by just heating it once. The built heat-controlling mechanism retains heat within the required limits throughout the time the grill is heated up.

Mistakes to Avoid

Now that you have versatile options to enjoy cooking or grilling a steak, you can serve steak cooked to perfection. However, try to avoid some common mistakes that people make while grilling steaks, which are listed below.

  • Selecting the wrong kind of steak
  • Cooking the steak without defrosting after taking them out of the freezer
  • Not smearing with enough amount of oil before cooking or completely forgetting oil garnishing
  • Flipping the steak without making sure that the side facing the pan is cooked well
  • Not using a thermometer to ensure the right temperature to cook the steak

Before starting with the process of cooking steak, you should understand the basics, which means that a steak is cooked in many ways and that each kind has its name. They are well-cooked (at 160° F), rare (120° F), medium (150° F), medium-rare (130° F), and medium (120° F). A steak is perfectly cooked when it is grilled at the required temperature.

Enjoy grilling steak like a pro!

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