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5 Tips for Maintaining Outdoor Concrete

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No matter whether you have a large concrete driveway or a smaller size concrete patio. In case you wish to enhance the longevity and appearance of a flatwork, then knowing the process of maintenance is necessary. Understanding how to maintain concrete is all about understanding the difference between the concrete which is appealing to people versus concrete which makes people scared whenever they walk on it.

Fortunately, the maintenance of concrete is a simple task that can easily be handled. However, outdoor concrete is a kind of investment that is valuable and must be protected to avoid trouble down the road. With proper care, concrete can even last for years. Here in this guide, a few tips have been shared to guide you about how to maintain the outdoor concrete.

1. Clean Your Concrete

To have good-looking and clean concrete, you must try to clean the concrete surface. For cleaning the concrete there are multiple ways. You can find the best option that makes the most sense for you depending upon your preferences and specific needs. However, the cleaning of concrete is quite beneficial as it helps in the removal of dirt and debris, and ultimately gives the final look which looks attractive and rich.

2. Seal Your Concrete

Sealing your concrete might help enhance life besides keeping it looking great. Multiple concrete sealers are available in the market which can be applied to the surface of the concrete after every few years. This topic sealing treatment is necessary to eliminate the risk of staining and surface damage. Moreover, always be certain to seal the concrete as per the manufacturer’s directions.

3. Apply a fresh finish

To get a clean surface one must properly and thoroughly stain or paint the concrete.

Besides that, concrete polishing is another best option to avoid any scratches or wear and tear of the concrete. Concrete polishing makes the concrete durable. However, before applying the coat of polish make sure to stain, sweep, or pressure the concrete surface. Make sure to re-paint the concrete surface every 2-3 years to protect the surface, more importantly in high-traffic areas such as driveways, walkways, and patios.

4. Remove Stains Immediately

Even though the concrete sealer is a great item that helps protect the concrete. But still, it would be better to clean the stains or spills as soon as they become apparent. Let’s say a vehicle leaked oil on the concrete driveway then try to clean the oil from that driveway at the earliest. This way, you will be able to avoid any sort of discoloration or staining. This will help your concrete to appear good and better.

5. Limit Your Weight

Although concrete is a durable and solid material, still residential concrete is usually not designed to withstand extremely heavy vehicles or machines, etc. The residential driveway is mostly capable of handling everyday vehicle’s weight. But it is not equipped enough to support oversized vehicles like delivery or moving truck weight. Hence make certain that these vehicles remain on the street. Moreover, keep heavy machinery somewhere other than your driveway to maintain the life of your concrete.

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